Custom Keyboard Spotlight: Novelkeys x Kailh Box Pale Blue Switches

by kailh 2018-06-27

The classic Cherry MX Blue switch is without a doubt the most famous clicky switch. You can still find it in many new mechanical keyboards today, but there are some more interesting and frankly better clicky switches if youre willing to div...


Ajazz Zero Mechanical Keyboard

by Kailh 2018-06-15

Ajazz recently launched a lovely pictorial product, ZERO origin bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard. Different from the previous products, the new ID design is adopted. The keyboard is compact and 79 keys are laid out. Among them, the bl...


Speedlink Ultor TKL kailh Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

by Kailh 2018-04-16

Introduction Specification Hey everyone, missed me? Holidays are great but now back to reality and another mechanical keyboard desiring my attention. Speedlink have been around for quite a while, making peripherals for both gaming and offic...


Made By Kaihua, Designed By Input Club: New Halo True, Halo Clear Mechanical Keyboard Switches

by Kailh 2017-08-14

Update, Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts are always keen on new switches, and the Input Club has served up two more....


Lioncast LK300 RGB: Mechanische Tastatur mit Kailh-Switches

by Kailh 2017-07-19

Die mechanische LK300 von Lioncast nutzt Kailh- statt Cherry-Switches und ist mit Zusatztasten und einer nicht selbstverstndlichen Handballenauflage ausgestattet. Bei der Lioncast LK300 RGB ragen die einzelnen Tasten freistehend aus der Alum...


MSI, Acer Get Smart About Mechanical Laptop Keyboards

by Kailh 2017-06-04

The slew of new thin and light gaming notebooks from the likes of Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI had much in common with one another, but only Acer and MSI saw fit to include mechanical keyboards on their models--or should we say model, becau...