• CPG151101D91



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    Product code CPG151101D91
    Rating DC12V10mA
    Cotact resistance 100mΩMax
    Insulation resistance 100MΩMinDC500V
    withstanding voltage AC100V(50-60HZ)for1Minute
    Tactile force 60±10gf
    Actuation force 50±10gf
    Actuation travel 1.9±0.4mm
    Total travel 4.0±0.4mm
    Mechanical life 70,000,000Cycles
    Operating temperature -20℃-+70℃
    Weather resistance  
    low temperature resistance -20℃±2℃ 48H
    heat resisting property 70℃±2℃ 48H
    Moisture resistance 60℃±2℃90~95%RH 48H

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    Quantity(PCS) 1 bag 1000PCS
      1CTN 4000PCS
    Wave peak automatic welding condition    
    Item preheat temperature 100±5℃
    preheating time 60S(max.)
    welding temperature 260±5℃
    welding time 3±0.5S
    Manual welding condition    
      welding temperature 350℃±10℃
      welding time 3S±0.5S
      Soldering iron power 20W(max.)
    1.the product color in the catalogue is differ from the material object
    2.Please use the thickness 1.6mm PCB
    3.Please order with the n (integer) times of the MOQ
    4.Please check with me when you use it in auto