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Waterproof micro switch

P/N CMI191003W01 Rating DC30V 0.3A Cotact resistance 100mMax Insulation resistance 100MMin DC500V withstanding voltage AC1000V(50-60HZ)for1Minute tactile force / operation force 18030gf actuation travel 0.700.3mm Totoal travel 1.800.3mm Mec




Product Details

P/N CMI190909W01
Rating DC30V  0.3A
Cotact resistance 100mΩMax
Insulation resistance 100MΩMin DC500V
withstanding voltage AC1000V(50-60HZ)for1Minute
tactile force /
operation force 180±30gf
actuation travel 0.70±0.3mm
Totoal travel 1.80±0.3mm
Mechanical life 1,000,000Cycles
Operating temperature -20℃--80℃
Weather resistance  
low temperature resistance -20℃±2℃ 96H
 heat resistance 80℃±2℃ 96H
temperature tolerance 80℃±2℃90~95%RH 96H

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Quantity(PCS) 1bag 100PCS
  1CTN 1500PCS
Wave peak automatic welding condition    
Item preheat temperature 100±5℃
preheating time 60S(max.)
welding temperature 260±5℃
welding time 5±1S
Manual welding condition    
  welding temperature 350℃±10℃
  welding time 3S±0.5S
  Soldering iron power 60W(max.)
1.the product color in the catalogue is differ from the material object
2.Please use the thickness 1.6mm PCB
3.Please order with the n (integer) times of the MOQ
4.Please check with me when you use it in auto

Product overview
P/N Picture Force range Travel DIP/SMT Life PDF Remarks
CMI190909W01 CMI190909W01 180±30gf 8.40±0.3mm welding cable 1,000,000Cycles PDF
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