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Mini tact switch

MicroMiniature,light operating.It has good feeling and long lift.


Applications: Mini tact switch

Mini tact switch series
P/N Picture Outline size Type Force Travel PIN PDF Remarks
CTA403301D02 CTA403301D02 4.0*4.0*3.0 90±20gf 90±20gf PDF
CTA401501S04 CTA401501S04 3.9*2.9*2.0 - 120±30gf 0.20±0.10mm PDF
CTA351801S02 CTA351801S02 3.5*3.0*1.8 - 200±50gf 0.20±0.10mm PDF
CTA351801S01 CTA351801S01 3.5*3.0*1.8 momentary 200±50gf 0.20±0.10mm 2 PDF


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